simarpreet singh

building beautiful, functional and sustainable solutions for dynamic problems.

what i do

problem solving

i am a creative at heart and love solving problems. my technical skills combined with this creativity allow me to understand and break down problems into logical partials and create planned step by step solutions for them. i apply this framework to projects i am building, business ideas, and creative efforts.


my ability to code allows me to bring life to my ideas and designs. this skill is vital to my process - it is the step that turns concepts into actual usable technologies.


i am a visual thinker and need to see something to figure out the next to-do steps. design became an objective part of my process when i realized how much faster and better quality work i could do once i have an accurate represntation of what i am building

be it learning a new technology, sharpening my skill set, solving a problem, or helping someone - i seek innovative and challenging projects to be a part of.


Bright Homes LLC // Company Website
Gurchit Singh // Model Portfolio
Technology Survey // Personal Project

let's build stuff!